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AC Servicing

Windows : Rs. 500/- And Split : Rs.800/- (Materials charges extra)

Electrical Servicing

Single Phase Rs. 400/- for 2 hrs. And Triple Phase Rs.600/- for 2 hrs. and Rs. 100/- per extra hours (Materials charges extra)

Plumbing Servicing (Not Motor & Pump)

Rs. 400/- for 2 hrs. Rs. 100/- per extra hours (Materials charges extra)

Deep Cleaning Service

Starts From Rs.2.15/- Per SQFT

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Surveillance System

Starts From Rs.400/- Per Camera

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Carpentry Service

Starts From Rs.400/-
For 1st 2 hours Rs. 400/-
Extra Hours Rs. 100/-
(Materials charges extra)

Facade Cleaning Service

Starts From Rs.150/- Per SQFT

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Kitchen Chimney Cleaning Service

Starts From Rs.400/-

Painting Service

Starts From Rs.7/- Per SQFT

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Flooring Service

Starts From Rs.26/- Per SQFT

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Glass Film for Sun Protection

Starts From Rs.9/- Per SQFT

Blends for Windows

Starts From Rs.15/- Per SQFT
(Material charges extra)
Vertical/Horizontal Blends for Windows

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